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Community Conversations

Monthly Sessions

Common Ground's Community Conversations tackle a new topic each month that is affecting our community. Practice your dialogue skills and become a changemaker in your community by selecting from two offered sessions each month that are facilitated virtually by trained individuals.  

Golden Rule Workshops

We believe that when people come together and have open, honest dialogue, they can create real change – in their communities, their families, and the world around them. But sometimes dialogue is difficult - especially across divides. That’s why we offer The Golden Rule Workshop, to focus on developing the skills needed to build community, even when we disagree. To communicate well, even in the midst of differences.

Facilitator Training

This FREE training provides practitioners with proven tools to help groups in the Fox Valley have transformative communication and bridge differences. Participants learn how to de-escalate tension and build group trust by incorporating insights from mediation, restorative justice, appreciative inquiry, and interpersonal neurobiology.

Small Group Dialogue Circles

Next Offering: Fall 2023 

These are set groups of 6-8 people each who agree to meet monthly for 6 months. Led, by a trained facilitator, dialogue circles are a way to dialogue with others and build deeper relationships, especially across differences. You’ll meet with your group via Zoom once per month on dates/times that work for you. Topic(s) will be set in advance.

Classmates in the Library
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