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Common Ground grew out of 2001 discussion of the Community Health Action Team (CHAT) sponsored by ThedaCare. Recognizing the growing diversity of the Fox Valley, it was noted that without basic English skills, people of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds have little chance to lead healthy, productive lives. 

In an unprecedented effort, several faith communities joined forces with the Fox Valley Literacy Coalition to develop LitWork! - a program providing literacy support to local residents with language needs. This congregational network discovered  what a positive impact they could have on local health issues by working collectively. 

Shortly after that, Common Ground was formed to influence future change. 

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COMMON GROUND is a bridge connecting leaders of the faith community with leaders of the secular(i.e. lay) community with a focus on improving the health and wholeness of our Fox Cities.

Put another way, Common Ground’s objective is to facilitate the collaboration of faith leaders and community leaders for the betterment (health and well-being) of the Fox Cities.

A theme found in every religion is “the importance of working together to serve those in need.” Common Ground was formed to do just that. The “Golden Rule”, common to virtually every faith tradition, provides further guidance for our thoughts and behaviors. As such, a collective gathering of local faith and community leaders can offer significant value.

About: About Us


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