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Join us for a facilitator training to prepare for our large political conversation.

Date and Time

September 6th: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

September 7th: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The training spans 6.5 hours over two days (Friday evening and Saturday morning) and is highly participatory. All necessary materials will be provided. Please note that the training requires active participation through a computer with video and internet capabilities; iPads and smartphones are not adequate for the group activities involved.


This FREE training provides practitioners with proven tools to help groups in the Fox Valley have transformative communication and bridge differences. Participants learn how to de-escalate tension and build group trust by incorporating insights from mediation, restorative justice, appreciative inquiry, and interpersonal neurobiology.

Dr. Wilson shares a trauma-informed, relationship-centered facilitation approach that includes:

  • Incorporating shared agreements to guide the conversation

  • Crafting questions of curiosity to invite connection

  • Structuring conversation to prevent unproductive patterns

  • Practicing redirections with confidence and respectfulness

This training enables practitioners to facilitate large and small groups in community, business, educational and faith settings.


In the midst of growing polarization in our society, trained facilitators play a crucial role in leading constructive dialogues, especially across divides. To help groups reach their goals, experienced facilitators...

  • Demonstrate effective communication & keen observation

  • Maintain constant neutrality

  • Create & maintain an environment of openness

  • Manage group dynamics so that all voices can be heard

  • Guide group processes, pacing, and momentum

  • Practice appropriate redirections & interventions

  • Trained facilitators will apply their skills by leading monthly dialogue groups organized by Common Ground throughout 2022

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